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Elite in China Face Austerity Under Xi’s Rule

Source: New York Times by Andrew Jacobs

Beijing — Life for the almighty Chinese government official has come to this: car pools, domestically made wristwatches and self-serve lunch buffets.

In the four months since he was anointed China’s paramount leader and tastemaker-in-chief, President Xi Jinping has imposed a form of austerity on the nation’s famously free-spending civil servants, military brass and provincial party bosses. Warning that graft and gluttony threaten to bring down the ruling Communists, Mr. Xi has ordered an end to boozy, taxpayer-financed banquets and the bribery that often takes the form of a gift-wrapped Louis Vuitton bag. Continue reading

Pernod Ricard’s sales hit by state crackdown

Source: Just-Drinks by James Wilmore

Pernod Ricard has said its performance in China has been hit this year by the clampdown on inter-governmental gift-giving and banquets. Continue reading

Diageo set fair in China, despite tighter gifting controls

Source: Just-Drinks by Olly Wehring

Diageo’s sales in China have stayed firm despite stricter controls covering inter-governmental gifting and banqueting, according to the firm’s chief operating officer. Continue reading

China Accuses Coca-Cola of Misusing GPS Equipment

Source: Associated Press by Joe McDonald on March 14, 2013 | Photo: AFP

Beijing (AP) — Chinese authorities are investigating whether Coca-Cola Co. employees improperly used location-finding technology in violation of restrictions on map-making. Continue reading

Mao’s $300 Red Army Liquor Suffers Before China Congress

Source: Bloomberg News | February 27, 2013

Kong Guoqing hasn’t seen a quieter Chinese New Year in the 12 years his family has been running their small liquor and tobacco shop in downtown Shanghai. Continue reading

CCTV difficult to refuse baijiu ads

Source: Morning Whistle by Kang Xiaoxiao

With the background of governmental baijiu prohibition, it was reported by that CCTV (China Central Television) would stop all baijiu companies’ advertisement after the NPC & CPPCC (National People’s Congress and Chinese Political Consultative Conference), which has been confirmed by some baijiu institutions and companies. Continue reading

In Hong Kong, baby formula feeds discord with mainland Chinese

Source: By John Hannon and Barbara Demick, Los Angeles Times

BEIJING — In Hong Kong, baby formula has become a precious commodity, kept under lock and key. Continue reading

Lawmakers demand reform of China’s food monitoring system

Source: Xinhua

BEIJING, March 3 (Xinhua) — Chinese lawmakers and political advisors have urged the government to restructure the country’s food supervisory system to regain customer confidence as Hong Kong’s newly-adopted purchase ban on baby formula refueled the public’s concerns over food safety. Continue reading

Chinese Liquor Giants Fined for Price Fixing

Source: Xinhua

Chinese top two liquor makers Kweichew Moutai and Wu Liangye were fined a total of 449 million yuan (71.41 million U.S dollars) for price fixing, according to local price regulators. Continue reading

After China’s multibillion-dollar cleanup, water still unfit to drink

Source: Reuters By David Stanway

(Reuters) – China aims to spend $850 billion to improve filthy water supplies over the next decade, but even such huge outlays may do little to reverse damage caused by decades of pollution and overuse in Beijing’s push for rapid economic growth. Continue reading