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Elite in China Face Austerity Under Xi’s Rule

Source: New York Times by Andrew Jacobs

Beijing — Life for the almighty Chinese government official has come to this: car pools, domestically made wristwatches and self-serve lunch buffets.

In the four months since he was anointed China’s paramount leader and tastemaker-in-chief, President Xi Jinping has imposed a form of austerity on the nation’s famously free-spending civil servants, military brass and provincial party bosses. Warning that graft and gluttony threaten to bring down the ruling Communists, Mr. Xi has ordered an end to boozy, taxpayer-financed banquets and the bribery that often takes the form of a gift-wrapped Louis Vuitton bag. Continue reading

Struggling baijiu distillers explore alternative markets

Source: Want China Times

Producers of Chinese liquor or baijiu, a popular gift and tipple served at banquets, have been hit hard by the government’s frugality measures and companies are now looking to explore new business opportunities elsewhere, the Chinese-language Beijing Business Today reports. Continue reading

Premium baijiu producers target lower end of market

Source: Want China Times

After Chinese authorities prohibited government agencies from consuming the country’s premium liquor brands, also known as c, major distilleries have begun tapping into the market with middle- and low-end liquor, reports the Shanghai-based First Financial Daily. Continue reading

Diageo confirms aim to up Quanxing Group holding

Source: Just-Drinks By Olly Wehring 25 March 2013

The head of Diageo has reiterated the company’s preference to acquire a larger stake in its Chinese JV that controls the ShuiJingFang baijiu producer in the country. Continue reading

Diageo set fair in China, despite tighter gifting controls

Source: Just-Drinks by Olly Wehring

Diageo’s sales in China have stayed firm despite stricter controls covering inter-governmental gifting and banqueting, according to the firm’s chief operating officer. Continue reading

Moutai, Wuliangye hit with heavy fines: report

Source: China Daily

China’s biggest liquor makers, Kweichew Moutai and Wuliangye, have been ordered to pay the largest-ever fines in China for price fixing. Continue reading

Glass half full for imported liquor

Source: By Liu Jie (China Daily)

Sales of imported liquor have witnessed continuous growth in China despite gloomy reports from high-end Chinese baijiu producers hit by the central government’s frugality campaign and a military ban on luxury dinners. Continue reading

10,000 bottles of liquor on the wall

Dong Hanglin, from Yangzhou, Jiangsu province has collected more than 10,000 liquor bottles over 14 years. (Source: China Daily)

Mao’s $300 Red Army Liquor Suffers Before China Congress

Source: Bloomberg News | February 27, 2013

Kong Guoqing hasn’t seen a quieter Chinese New Year in the 12 years his family has been running their small liquor and tobacco shop in downtown Shanghai. Continue reading

New Year cheer as Cognac rebounds – figures

Source: Just-Drinks By Andy Morton 18 February 2013

China’s Cognac shipments are back on track as Chinese New Year sales have kicked- in, according to new figures. Continue reading