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Wumart opened 51 own stores in 2012

Source: By Wang Zhuoqiong (

Wumart Stores Inc, the country’s leading retail chain store operator by profits, opened 51 directly owned stores in 2012, according to its annual financial results. Continue reading

China’s Largest Mass Merchant Turns to Its Own Brands for Growth

Source: Bloomberg News

Sun Art Retail Group Ltd. (6808), China’s largest operator of big-box stores, will boost its own brand offerings and add higher-margin items to increase sales after opening new stores helped raise 2012 profit by half. Continue reading

7-Eleven to expand to Southwest China

Source: By Li Woke (

The world’s largest convenience store company, 7-Eleven, plans to expand in China’s southwestern market, the Chengdu Business News reported on Tuesday. Continue reading

RT-Mart outperforms world’s leading retailers in China

Source: Want China Times

Taiwan-funded supermarket chain RT-Mart outperformed the world’s top three retailers in terms of the number of newly opened outlets in China in 2012, according to the National Business Daily in Shanghai. Continue reading

Shanghai’s 6,000 convenience stores clamor for thinning profits

Source: Want China Times

Convenience store operators are coping with the intense competition in Shanghai by closing unprofitable branches to reduce losses reported across the sector, the 21st Century Business Herald reports. Continue reading

Convenience stores suffer with wave of shutdowns in Guangzhou

Source: Morning Whistle By Kang Xiaoxiao

Convenience store giant 7-Eleven has reportedly closed about 20 outlets in Guangzhou. Another convenience giant, Family Mart was also reported to have shut around 20 outlets in the city. Other convenience stores, such as Circle K and C-Store, are shrinking in the area as well. Continue reading

RT-Mart may trump Walmart to be China’s power retailer of the future: Kantar

Source: Campaign China by Jenny Chan

MAINLAND CHINA – Taiwan-based retailer RT-Mart is challenging international giant Walmart’s position in the country, according to consumer packaged goods manufacturers surveyed in a Kantar Retail report. Continue reading

7-Eleven bangs the drum with humorous new ad campaign

Source: Campaign China By Benjamin Li

7-Eleven under Dairy Farm has launched an eye-catching new ad campaign featuring an adorable baby banging a loud drum in her mother’s tummy. Continue reading

Taobao offers Alipay payment services in over 900 Hong Kong 7-Eleven stores

Source: Campaign China by Benjamin Li

HONG KONG – Alibaba’s online shopping business Taobao has partnered with 7-Eleven to offer Alipay card payment in more than 900 7-Eleven stores in the city starting from yesterday. Continue reading

7-Eleven reopens stores after anti-Japan demonstrations

Source: Xinhua via China Daily

BEIJING — Japanese convenience store 7-Eleven reopened its outlets in two Chinese cities Wednesday after briefly closing Tuesday amid widespread anti-Japan demonstrations.
Continue reading